Our EV Fleet

In 2016 we had the opportunity of living off-grid for a year on SV Kinship, during a 1-year sailing sabbatical to the Caribbean. We found living off-grid to be a life-changing experience. The effort of meeting all the vessel’s own energy needs with wind and solar power really raised our awareness of how we use, and waste resources.

Upon returning from the trip, we were determined not to rely on gas powered transportation ever again. That’s when we purchased our first electric car, a VW e-golf which we named Electric Alice.

In 2019, we added to our fleet, purchasing a new Tesla Model3, which we named Pearl. Since 2017 we have driven over 100,000 km without burning any gas.

In 2020 we relocated home and business to Picton, Prince Edward County, and brought with us our commitment to promoting the movement towards a more sustainable future for all. Our first initiative is the installation and public sharing of an electric vehicle (EV) charger outside our office at 27 Picton Main Street.