Modelling Electric Vehicle Public Charging Costs

Over the last few months we have been investigating the costs of charging EVs in Ontario and surrounding areas.  One thing that became very apparent is that some charging companies do not look a the real cost of charging when they set their rates.  We have developed a spreadsheet to model the costs of charging based on the price plan and the type of charger for a number of EVs.  You can read about our view on our EV Blog

Here you can see examples of level 2 charging, with three different styles of plans, time, flat fee and kWh.  This allows consumers and charging company to look at the cost and value at a charger and a comparison with gas costs.

Level 3 charging is even more critical, decisions made by charging companies can make long distance travel by EV more expensive than traveling by a fossil car.

You can download the spreadsheet here: EV charging cost model (metric)v1.1 Please contact us if you want us to add features to the spreadsheet.