Canadian Federal EV Policy – A Proposal

ZEV, EV and PHEV ZEV= Zero Emission Vehicle EV = Electric Vehicle PHEV= Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle ZEV includes all vehicles that have zero emissions at the tailpipe this includes Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and EVs EV is a battery powered electric vehicle with no other means of propulsion or charging on-board. also called BEV – […]

Winter Driving in an e-Golf

We are in the midst of a cold snap here in Ottawa, colder than Mars according to the headlines.  The temperatures over the last week or two have been consistently very cold, with a few days not making it much above -20C.  We have had some snow and the roads have been challenging at times.  […]

Christmas Holiday in Europe

We spent the last couple of weeks visiting Germany and the UK to see friends and family.  Though this was not an EV related trip we did see some things of note. In Germany we saw an e-Golf in a dealer showroom. We drove by on a Sunday so we could not check to see […]

EVs are Traffic Too

In the before time, when we still had a fossil car we had a rule, we did not take the car out for one errand. One errand was a walk or a cycle to the closest store, not perhaps the cheapest but we saved on gas to make up the difference. We tried hard to […]

Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Programs – A User Review

The Government of Ontario has a broad set of policies and programs aimed at promoting electrification in the province.  As a user of many of these programs I think a personal review might be of benefit to other users and the managers of the programs. Program Reviews Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP)    […]

Getting Started with your EV

  Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR): If you have an EV, buy a 240 volt/30amp home charger. For a PHEV, the charging cord that comes with the car might be fine. Get accounts and cards for the main charging networks in areas you plan to travel. Install Plugshare on your phone to find chargers away […]